MART 330 Course Schedule

WeekDateTopicLecturer(s) & readingLabs
110 Jul
11 Jul
The life of a Digital Marketer
What is Integrated Digital Marketing?
Brooke Lowry
John Williams
Chapter 1
Practice test
Mimic Pro intro
217 Jul
18 Jul
Overview of digital IMC
Adtech and the advertising economy
John Williams
Natasha Callister
Chapter 7
Web authoring and hosting
324 Jul
25 Jul
Search engine marketing: organic
Search engine marketing: paid
John Williams
Chapters 4, 5 & 6
Test 1
Mimic Round 1
431 Jul
1 Aug
Email marketing
Content marketing: visual design principles
Leanne Ross
Chapters 8 & 2
Mimic Round 2
57 Aug
8 Aug
Content marketing: effective text content
Content marketing: effective graphical content
Leanne Ross Test 2
Web authoring
Mimic Round 3
614 Aug
15 Aug
Social media marketing
Search engine marketing: management (PPTX, 1.4MB)
Leanne Ross
Chris Dzikiewicz
Chapters 9 &10
Mimic Round 4
721 Aug
22 Aug
Mobile marketing (PPTX, 13.0MB)
Strategic issues in Digital Marketing (PDF, 1.8MB)
Shijiao Chen
Tony Garry
Old Chapter 12
See Blackboard
Test 3
Google AdWords
Mimic Round 5
Mid Semester Break 28th Aug — 1st Sep
84 Sep
5 Sep
Analysing text data (PPTX, 2.3MB)
Analysing web logs and tracking data (KPIs)
Sherlock Licorish
John Williams
Chapter 3
Google Analytics
Mimic Round 6
911 Sep
12 Sep
Business models for digital offerings (PDF, 3.0MB)
The IoT, trust and ethics (PDF, 1.9MB)
Tony Garry
See Blackboard
Test 4
Spreadsheets (formulas)
Mimic Round 7
1018 Sep
19 Sep
Digital and social CRM
Marketing Automation (PDF, 2.4MB)
Rowhan Kelly
Louise Blakely
Chapter 11
Spreadsheets (graphics)
Mimic Round 8
1125 Sep
26 Sep
The consumer experience online
The dark side of the internet & social media
Sander Zwanenburg
See Blackboard
Test 5
Mimic Round 9
122 Oct
3 Oct
Consumer welfare and empowerment
Digital Marketing Ethics
John Williams
See Blackboard
Mimic Round 10
139 Oct
10 Oct
Technological & social trends
Course review and exam preview
John Williams
All staff lecturers
Class discussion and feedback
Note: This course is under heavy development to match content with current industry needs, and some content depends on the availability of guest practitioner experts. Consequently the scheduling of topics may change. Any changes will be notified in class and on Blackboard.

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