MART 330 Integrated digital marketing

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Thu, Aug 10 2017

I've been adding links to the Course schedule, to make it a more helpful one-stop resource to the digital assets of the course. Let me know if you'd like to see any other changes to that page, in person or email me.

Wed, Aug 9 2017

I'm thinking of developing this site into something more useful than Blackboard. One of the things I'd like to do is showcase really good student work. Any other ideas will be gratefully received. (email me)

As discussed in tutorials, we'll be having a competition for the best student page within each tutorial group, with the winners going to a class vote. There will also be prizes for the pages with the most followers. To start this process, here's my favourites thus far. Feel free to nominate yours by editing the table below. But keep the HTML valid, please!

Notable examples of student pages

Best web page competition

The Class page entries in the table below are taken from the <title> elements. Can you see the importance of setting this appropriately?

Student web pages suggested for class prize for best page/site.
StudentClass pageNeocities siteNeocities profileWhy it's good.Eligible for prizes?
Carlos McCoy MART 330 Follow Looks like a real web page. Plus: Drum 'n' Bass! No. Invalid HTML (checked Aug 20, 09:13)
Katie Henderson Foodie Things Follow For ethical stance about food waste and climate change. No. Invalid HTML (Aug 10, 9:21)
Laura Weir Laura's Website Follow For the link to No No index.html (Aug 10, 9:21)
Willson Kim kimwi726 Follow General goodness :-) Yes (Aug 10, 9:21)

Current winner: Willson Kim.

Most followers competition

Current winner: Christina Yuen, with a grand total of 2 followers.

Student directory

Here's the web pages of indvidual students, organised by tutorial group

Or, to see a list of all the sites on Neocities tagged with "mart330", click here.

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